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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Young & Stupid? Yes. Have Fun. Pt. 7: Delawhere?

Our original plan was to get into Philly with enough time to get to the Phillies game that was going on that night. Of course, we end up leaving DC around the time the game is starting. Since Philly is about 3 hours away from DC, this makes our plans fly out of the window (much to the sadness of the boys who had been looking forward to seeing a baseball game). Regardless, we merrily begin our journey towards Philadelphia. My handy co-pilot, Sarah, navigates us up I-95 towards Pennsylvania which makes a brief entrance and exit into Delaware. None of us really had any feeling towards Delaware; it was only going to be a quick blip on our trip. It turns out that Delaware is much more exciting than we ever could have imagined.

We pull up to the toll booth at the Delaware border and I hang my arm out the window to hand the lovely toll-lady my money. As I do so, she begins shouting "you can't do that! That is illegal!" That's not something one usually hears at a toll booth when handing the toll-person money, but it turns out she's shouting at Francesco in the back seat. Naturally I assume he is doing something obviously illegal and stupid like opening a beer. Wrong. She continues ranting about how it's illegal to take photos of people in Delaware and she could have him thrown in jail for doing so (that's when we realize that Franco's horribly illegal act was taking a photo of the hideous Delaware woman). He apologies and pulls the "but I'm from England and didn't know" card. Her response is to simply shout "they are taking a photo of your license right now. If my photo ends up on the internet they can throw you all in jail!"

You should all know that at this point my arm is still hanging out the window in hopes that she'll take the money and let us leave.

Francesco apologies...again. She finally stops shouting, makes one more comment about how illegal it is to take photographs of people in Delaware and snatches my money out of my hand. I'm not sure why it's illegal to take photos of people in Delaware but we all decided it was because everyone is probably as ugly as she was (the best part is that she is quite an unattractive woman) and no one in Delaware wants the rest of the world to know how ugly their population is.

As we drive away Francesco shows us the photo he managed to capture of the woman. Sadly, I don't have a copy (YET!) but it is her in mid-shout with one angry pointer finger in the air as she berates us for the unspeakable act of taking her photo.

We hate Delaware.

Oddly, the woman closely resembled this:

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